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ofmornings's Journal

Cinnamon Mornings
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The Art of Breakfasting


y o u m a y p o s t:

- photos of your breakfasts
- breakfast recipes
- breakfast photography with credit
- music you like to listen to in the mornings
- new dishes, pretty jars, silverware, tea-cups, coffee mugs
- favorite restaurants and bakeries in your city
- favorite breakfast or pastry cookbooks
- anything breakfast or morning related

c o m m u n i t y r u l e s:

01: take pretty pictures, remember this is an "aesthetically pleasing" community
02: use a lj-cut if posting more than one photo
03: no text-only posts
04: please do not post photos that you have taken with your cell phone or web-cam
05: keep photos at a medium size range. no small photos, and at the same time, no extremely large photos
06: please's and thank you's

our inspiration
photograph by pinefresh on flickr